April 19th Market Re-Cap

Market Re-Cap:

Last week the markets felt a slight pullback/correction.  It does not mean we are in a doomsday scenario.  There are many headwinds still out there that have some cause for concern; oil prices, gas prices, Europe, and the ongoing political banter.  Most, if not all, of these concerns have been here for awhile and helped contribute to the pullback this time last year. I don’t see that our situation, economically and in the capital markets, are the same.  The main difference is the expectation moving forward is much more modest and subdued.  Expect increased volatility and more of a two steps forward one step back market for the remainder of 2012.  I think we will see the market being dominated by “Headline Risk” with the election ramping up and Europe continuing to work through its issues.  Staying disciplined should be the answer to help cut the volatility.