A New Beginning in 2012

A New Beginning, 2012:


01/03/2011 Market Re-cap Blog:


Happy New Year and good bye to 2011.  Last year brought its share of volatile markets, political unrest domestically and abroad.  I wish I could say that those themes were gone and will not be a topic in 2012, but I can’t.  I expect much of the same volatility in the US Markets, and the election year will bring considerable stagnate policy from Washington.  Europe is moving closer to finding a solution, but as I have said in the past, they have a long way to go.

That being said, we are seeing an upward trend to our economic data with home sales and employment numbers improving.  The improvement is slow, but positive.  I believe Europe will continue to dominate the headlines, which will bring market volatility to the US.  We are still on a path to recovery and Europe has a way to go to solve its debt issues and come together with a uniform plan of attack.  Proper Asset Allocation will be the continued theme for 2012 for the individual investor.

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